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House League FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions -
House League Games

When are Games played?

Answer: Games are played once a week. Practices are held once a week.

Where are Games played?

Answer: Games are played on appropriately-sized fields (for the given age groups).  Our fields are situated in the south-west area of Mississauga - between Winston Churchill Blvd. on the west and Huron Park on the east, Dundas St. to the north and Lake Ontario to the south.

What happens when it rains?

Answer: The game of soccer is played in the rain. However, all fields are cleared in the event of lightning. The coaches and the referee (together) will make the decision to end the game. Both teams must show up, on time, at the field or they will forfeit the game.

What time do the games start?

Answer: U7 to U17, games start at 7:00pm, this changes to 6:30pm the first week of August due to the sun setting earlier in the evening.


Frequently Asked Questions -
House League Items

When does the Summer Season start?

Answer:  This coming season will start Saturday May 23RD, 2020.  However, different age groups play on different days so please check the House League 2020 game days page to find out when your child plays.

What do I do after registering my child?

Answer: Your child's coach will contact you a week prior to the start of the season. Please do not call or e-mail the office before this date if you have not heard from your coach. Coaches may contact their teams at different times so do not worry if one child has been called and not another. If you have not received a call from your child's coach by the Monday before the start of the season, please call our clubhouse and leave the child's name, birth date, gender and your contact phone number on the Club Hotline (905) 823-1911 or you can send an e-mail to the DIRECTOR OF HOUSE LEAGUE.

What do I receive for my registration?

Answer: Players receive uniforms (a team jersey, one pair of socks, a pair of shorts) and a ball as part of their registration fee.  It is mandatory for players to wear shin pads. Soccer shoes must be worn from the ages of 7 and up. Neither shoes nor shin pads are supplied.  Players must have these items to be allowed to play.  Players also receive a composite of their own picture and their team's picture.  Please note this is a complimentary offering (no cash value).  There is only one picture day for all teams - there are no make up dates for individuals or teams who miss this date.  Picture day is usually the first or second Sunday of June but please check our Important Dates section to confirm the date for the current year.

Can I pick which team my child plays on?

Answer: NO. To ensure fair and balanced games, the Club does not accept requests to assign players to specific teams nor to play with other designated players except for brothers and sisters (where possible). The Club also reserves the right to move players between teams later in the season to ensure fair and balanced games for all players in the Club.


Frequently Asked Questions -
Our Club


Frequently Asked Questions -
Our Club

What is the Club's Conduct Policy towards referees?

Answer: The referees call and control the game. It is important that all coaches, spectators and players respect them. Their decisions are final. The club will not tolerate any abuse, verbal or physical towards our referees. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players and spectators. Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone not following these rules.

Tell me about our refs?

Answer: Our referees are typically the youth of the Clarkson Soccer club. We look at our Referee Program as a "Leadership-in-Training program" developing the youth of our club. They receive a 2-day extensive training session prior to being allowed to ref any game and will participate in refresher courses in subsequent years. We also have a mentorship program where refs. are evaluated and critiqued to ensure they improve their skills and as a club we also improve.

What is the Competitive (Rep) Program?

Answer:  Players who desire to develop their skills further and play on a competitive team are encouraged to try out for our Rep teams.  Our Competitive Program is run separately from our House League program. Players must try out for a team and will be selected based on specific criteria. Try outs usually take place in September and some teams may also be looking for players around the end of March - please check our website for tryout details. 

Where can I direct concerns/issues?

Answer: As a parent, there are a number of ways you can direct your concerns - coaching issues/parenting issues can be relayed to your Division Convenor (all contact information can be found on our web site under "Club Info"). Beyond your convenor each division has a director who can also be contacted. Lastly, Club issues or unresolved issues can be directed to the President via e-mail or by leaving a message at (905) 823-1911.

All discipline issues must be communicated in writing and forwarded to our clubhouse.