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Parental Attendance & Supervision Policy

Our Policy on Parental Attendance and the Supervision of Your Child


Please be advised that the Clarkson Soccer Club assumes that a parent or guardian is usually in attendance for a child's games and practices. From time-to-time, we recognize that this may not be the case, however. That's one reason that your Coach has your phone number and the child's health card number, in case there is an on-the-field injury. That's another reason why we ask you to fill out a Player Health Information Form and return it to your Coach.

We also assume that our Coaches are good citizens and have integrity in dealing with children. But recent events in hockey, for example, have indicated that child molestation and sexual abuse can nonetheless happen.

Given the activities of our Club, we foresee few circumstances where individual children will be left alone with a team or Club official. We also expect parents and guardians to be involved with their children's soccer activities in sufficient capacity to be aware of where their children are at all times, and to be fully aware of the circumstances under which their children are being supervised.

The Clarkson Soccer Club views any transgression or impropriety involving child abuse by any Club official as a very serious matter. If you have the unfortunate need to report any such behavior in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact the Club President at president@clarksonsoccerclub.com

The CSC Executive