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Grasshoppers Micro Soccer Programme

...for 4, 5 and 6 year olds

The objective is to promote "Better Soccer & More Fun". In other words "Player First, Winning Second".

In 2005, Clarkson Soccer Club introduced the "Clarkson Grasshoppers" Program for our youngest players in the U5 & U6 age groups. The Grasshoppers Program was developed to increase the chances for success for our youngest players by using a small-sided 3 V 3 game format which allows significantly more touches of the ball (the one toy on the field). Under the old 7 V 7 game format most of the players hardly touched the ball during the games which prevented them from achieving successful enjoyment of the Game. The new Grasshoppers Program uses an Academy approach to training that is tailored to the physical & mental abilities of this age group while at the same time providing our new parent coaches the guidance they need to develop their coaching abilities.

Commitment to small-sided soccer is a key component of player development. Development is an ongoing process and CSC fully embraces this approach. One reason players quit is because of negative experiences, often because they rarely touch the ball in game situations. Our goal is to implement changes to retain players, not turn them off. All children will be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential. The coaching community at our club will embrace new ideas and give serious thought to what is best for our children. We need to provide our young soccer players with progressive development training programs that will motivate them to learn and increase their enjoyment of the game as well as their self-esteem.