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Referee Information


NOTE FROM OUR NEW HEAD REFEREE: I have over 30 years of the experience in the beautiful game of soccer being my passion. It has allowed me to achieve many accomplishments and soak in several life lessons along the way.

From my wonderful days of playing the game, coaching, and now ultimately being a match official has given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people. I have also had the privilege of officiating in multiple sought-after leagues and competitions including some very prestigious tournaments.

I know that there is no single approach to grow every single referee, so I have been trained in a multiple range of mentorship, instructing, and assessing. Bringing this innovation and team structure to Clarkson, I am certain we can achieve new heights of refereeing in a healthy, fun, and supporting environment. We are going to work hard, together and progress one call at a time.


Francesco Di-Biase.


Francesco coordinated and facilitated the referees for both the Provincial Special Olympic Summer Games 2017 and the All Female National SO Tourney 2017 hosted by Clarkson Soccer Club


The following section is designated for Referees:

If you are interested in becoming a referee at our club or have any questions, please contact our Head Referee at head.referee@clarksonsoccerclub.com